Hello, my name is Patrick Whalen.  I  bought my first camera in Danang, Vietnam in 1971. I was in the Air Force and crewed F4 Phantom jets.

As you can see, I made it back home. In 1973 I enrolled at Saginaw Valley State University. While there, I took a black and white film course. Also in 1973 I built my first traditional darkroom. Fast forward about thirty years and the digital age began. 

All the images on this site were taken with digital cameras. I do all the processing utilizing different applications. 

All images are available in many custom styles. 


Cades Cove, Tennessee

Patrick Whalen Photography

352 585 6230

To quote Gary Winogrand,”I take photographs of things to see what they look like photographed.” This is actually very profound. Photographs can never depict exactly the way we see things. It might be depth of field, perspective, dynamic range, color or several other things that might influence the image. That is why, for me photography is exciting. You never quite know when that seemingly mundane subject in front of you might turn out to be something special.

I’ve been photographing for over 30 years and I’m not always looking for pretty things. To me it’s more important that images speak.

I printed in a traditional darkroom for over 30 years. But time moves on and now it’s all digital. I want everyone to know that there is not a great picture button in Photoshop.

Lots of craftsmanship , imagination, and knowledge is still required to make exciting images.

My images are all printed on fine art paper and aluminum using archival standards.

It was so much fun working with you and the pictures look so great, thank you!


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